18 February, 2019

Cocktails and Dreams…

We’ve approached the cocktail list at FoodWell aiming to create clean, high quality drinks. Using a range of premium spirits and fresh juices throughout the menu, we’ve made a conscious effort to avoid as much processed sugar, purees & juice products as possible. Everything we are using is as fresh as can be or made in house. This includes organic juice products where supply is possible to our homemade range that will be on offer. We’ve been very conscious to cut out sugar syrup and commercial flavoured syrups which are so common now and have instead made our own using Fructose as opposed to refined sugars and also fresh fruit infusions.

We’ve followed the lead from the kitchen in terms of flavours using tropical fruits, berries, herbs and floral influences, seasonal fruit as much as possible so the menu will be updated regularly when supply becomes a challenge. We are using a wonderful liqueur range called FAIR who use fair-trade, organic products throughout their range. They have a moto of “Think Human Drink Fair” we here at FoodWell approach the cocktails with the idea of “Think well drink well

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30 July, 2019


28 July, 2019

Espa Midweek Retreat