18 February, 2019

Love Life Magic with Sasha

Love. Life. Magic is a mind set and movement. Taking ancient yogic philosophy and practices bringing it into a modern day mind set. Love. Life. Magic wishes to make self love, self dedication and commitment approachable, achievable and assessable to all. Making asana, meditation and breathing practices fun and within reach.  Love. Life. Magic is a membership program helping you heal yourself from the inside out. You can spend so much time trying to fulfil yourself from the external body, however is this ever lasting? Love. Life. Magic provides the tools to bring you back to yourself, back to your soul and back home.

Love. Life. Magic works on 2 separate platforms. The first at home, creating your own Safe Space. This is one on one sessions or more intimate classes where you can truly feel at comfort and at ease to open up, alternatively online workshops, courses and guided programs for you to complete in your own time. A huge part of Love. Life. Magic at home is the “Flip The Switch” program, this is a 12 week back to your best self program. Tackling the mind, body and soul the 12 week program gives you the tools and daily tasks to heal the internal and external body. Together, by providing you with the opportunity to take the steps today for a happy tomorrow, we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

The second element is, Love. Life. Magic at work. You spend so much for your time working, your first place is your home, second place is your work and third place is your social place. Yet as time goes on, industries become ever more a lifestyle position. Can you begin to bridge the “work” “life” gap and create a second and third place together as an employee or employer.  Working with corporate environments and industries, I offer in house Yoga Teaching, being that step towards continued self development in the workplace. Allowing the business to offer the added company benefit to their employees actively working to tackle mental health, stress, mindfulness and over all happiness. I offer 2, 6 week courses both using ancient yogic philosophy to tackle the modern day battles that we face. Floss The Mind, is a meditation based course and Choose Your Breaths is a breathing course. There is more information on my website.

I strongly believe that together we can make a difference and most importantly as with everything in this life, that change starts with you.

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